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The future of post mortem examinations

Who are DA?
Who are Digital Autopsy UK?

Following a successful management buy-out of iGene London in November 2022, Digital Autopsy UK uses its own propriety imaging software for use with a CT scanner to help determine cause of death and avoid the need for an invasive post mortem.

What is Digital Autopsy?

For hundreds of years post-mortem processes have remained the same, however with the use of today’s digital technology we are able to bring post-mortems into the 21st century.

Who are iGene?
Commercial Partnership Benefits

Digital Autopsy UK along with its partners undertake to reduce the number of invasive post-mortems, offer a front line and dedicated service and reduce expenditure.

Private / Personal Benefits

For our private/personal customers, Digital Autopsy UK strive to offer greater dignity and respect to the deceased by providing a minimal invasive alternative to traditional post-mortems.​

Digital Autopsy Benefits
Want to learn more about Digital Autopsy?

Get in touch with one of our team today to discover more about the future of post mortem examinations.

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