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Private/Personal Benefits

Digital Autopsy affords dignity and respect to the deceased and is considered more humane. A post-mortem without the need for an invasive procedure eases the family's pain at a difficult time and also means in many occasions that the coroner can release the body sooner than they can for a normal invasive post- mortem. Additionally, Digital Autopsy offers religious and cultural benefits.

  • A minimal invasive alternative to traditional post-mortems.

  • Meets religious requirements.

  • Improve services and efficiencies.

  • Potential cost reductions.

  • Choice for the Coroner and the Community.

  • Far reaching benefits for forensic cases.

  • Involves the creation of a record that can be revisited, offering greater value and usefulness than a traditional post-mortem.

Request a Digital Autopsy

For the recently bereaved...

If a loved one has passed away in sudden or unexpected circumstances, and if a post-mortem is required, our team is on hand to support you in deciding whether a Digital Autopsy may be your preferred choice. If you decide to request a Digital Autopsy as an alternative to the traditional method, you must seek agreement from your local Coroner's office.

To register your preference for Digital Autopsy in advance...

Talk to your family and friends about Digital Autopsy and make sure that people are aware of your wishes. For information and support please speak with the Coroner’s officer, or contact your local Digital Autopsy UK Facility directly.

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