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Digital Autopsy UK partner with Compleo.

“We are thrilled to announce the new partnership between Compleo Health and Digital Autopsy UK.

This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry and enhance the field of Digital Autopsies.

Compleo Health, a leading provider of innovative imaging solutions, has joined forces with Digital Autopsy UK, an organization specialising in state-of-the-art digital autopsy services. Together, we are set to transform the way post-mortem examinations are conducted and improve the accuracy and efficiency of Coronial investigations.

This partnership brings together Compleo Health's expertise in imaging technology and Digital Autopsy UK's advanced digital autopsy platform. By leveraging our combined knowledge and resources, we will deliver transformational solutions that enable faster, more precise, and non-invasive post-mortem examinations.

Through the integration of Compleo Health's advanced imaging and diagnostic capabilities with Digital Autopsy UK's comprehensive Digital Autopsy platform, this partnership aims to provide medical professionals, forensic experts, and law enforcement agencies with a powerful suite of tools to facilitate accurate cause-of-death determinations.

Our partnership aims to reduce the time required for examinations, minimise invasive procedures, and improve overall accuracy.

At Compleo Health and Digital Autopsy UK, we are excited about the potential this collaboration holds in revolutionising the post-mortem landscape. By combining our strengths, we are committed to driving advancements in Digital Autopsies and improving outcomes for forensic science, healthcare, and society as a whole."


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