Support is growing...

Support is growing for Digital Autopsy and the Everybody Campaign, and more and more people are spreading the word about the benefits Digital Autopsy can bring. Please see below for just a selection of comments from our partners and colleagues...

"On behalf of our Chairman I would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit your new facility. It proved to be a very popular educational session and I hope this has helped to spread the word."
Rachel Shipley, The British Institute of Embalmers

"This is a service to the public which I am sure bereaved families will greatly appreciate."
Peter Thornton, Chief Coroner

"iGene with the support of the Chief Coroner are providing a facility that can only support the bereaved. Thank you."
Simon Fisher, National President, National Association of Funeral Directors

"An exciting an d innovative development, which can only enhance an already excellent service. Congratulations."
Caroline Browne, Human Tissue Authority

"Very interesting. A brilliant facility and excellent for families."
Alan Wood, West Midlands Police

"Informative and enjoyable Open Day. Recommended for anyone studying a relevant field."
Jenni Koraenen, University of Central Lancashire

"Very interesting. Would definitely recommend to families. Fantastic facility."
Tony Slingsby, G&M Lunt

"Amazing. It has to be the way forward."
Meike Colling

"A fantastic facility and team. The future has arrived."
Brendan Day, Sandwell MBC