A digital post-mortem for the digital age

 There are many reasons to choose a Digital Autopsy in preference to traditional methods:

  • Ensure dignity in deathcare
    Digital Autopsy is an advanced, non-invasive digital post-mortem process that uses software, not a scalpel. The body is digitally scanned, treating the deceased with the same respect as the living, taking away an additional source of anguish for their bereaved families.
  • Improved access to digital data
    Digital Autopsy data may be revisited and reinvestigated long after the body has been laid to rest. This allows post-mortem investigations to be repeated on the same body again and again. Remote medical experts can also provide second opinions by examining the same digital post-mortem data, at the same time.
  • Precision    
    Certain conditions can be better identified through Digital Autopsy, such as intracranial bleeds, lung pathology and ruptured aneurysms.
  • Speed    
    With 3D imaging and 360 degree rotation, pathologists can locate abnormalities and foreign objects in the body much quicker than conventional methods. Cause of death can be established faster and the body can potentially be released back to the family sooner.
  • Risk management    
    Digital Autopsy can act as an adjunct to traditional post-mortems to avoid issues such as infection.
  • Research, knowledge and medical advancements
    Make a difference and benefit generations to come. Choose to donate your scan to medical education or research.
  • The right to choose
    The decision to undertake a post-mortem doesn’t always rest with the family. However with Digital Autopsy they do have a choice on how it’s performed.

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